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Supplemental Academic Tutoring Service
Where the magic of learning begins!!!

The purpose of this comprehensive, dual-county project is to identify problems in learning and disseminate a
diagnostic plan with resources, assessment, strategy teaching, explicate individualized intensive instruction using
up to date innovative programs and Assistive technology is provided to help all students learn.  Our curriculum in
based on the Sunshine State Standards.

Our staff consists of two Florida State Certified Educators who have a combination 25 years of experience in the
area of understanding the educational needs for struggling students, 6 years in the area of Speech/Language
Pathology, as well as a combined 16 years in the area of Assistive Technology for struggling students. We have
created a network of professionals across the country that gives us a wealth of resources in the areas of
assessment, remediation, learning strategies, and technology that assist students in the classroom.
Supplemental Academic Tutoring Service
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